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Are you constantly experiencing low energy, trouble Losing Weight, Insulin Resistance, high fat composition, or brain fog? These could be the subtle signs of poor metabolic health.
Metabolic dysfunction can take many forms and creep up slowly. Maintaining optimal metabolic health is essential to lowering our risk for a number of serious conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease–all of which are among the top 10 leading causes of death around the world.

Scientifically Backed for Metabolic Health

Losing Weight


Metabolism is the set of cellular mechanisms that generate energy from our food and environment to power every single cell in the body. When these energy-producing pathways run smoothly, we have optimal metabolic health. Since all cells in the body require energy to function, metabolic health is foundational for wellbeing. Overtly, metabolic dysfunction looks like obesity (dysfunctional body fat storage, often measured by BMI), insulin resistance and diabetes (dysfunctional glucose processing), non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (dysfunctional management of glucose and fat in the liver), cancer (cancer cells thrive on excess sugar), Alzheimer’s disease (now being called type 3 diabetes, with evidence of insulin resistance in the brain),

cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke (damage to vessels from inflammation and excess glucose), and chronic kidney disease (vessels of the kidney impaired by excess glucose).
But more subtly, poor metabolic health can look like the full spectrum of daily pain points of modern living that keep us from reaching our full potential and goals: fatigue, brain fog, depression, anxiety, lack of exercise endurance, infertility, balding, erectile dysfunction, acne, chronic pain, increased appetite, and more. With novel innovation of Spain patented strain BPL1 (live and heat-treated) which is scientifically backed for metabolic health, it’s never been so easy to achieve optimal state of health.

BPL1® is a proprietary, award-winning probiotic strain with clinically documented results. BPL1® is the result of more than 9 years of research and development and numerous published studies including a human clinical study. BPL1® has been clinically shown to support metabolic health, Reduce Waist Circumference, decrease visceral fat area, and reduce BMI.  The advanced exclusivity of META BOOST that Heat-Treated BPL1®, a premiere postbiotic which is derived from an award-winning BPL1® probiotic strain is also included in the dietary formula. Pre-clinical research indicated strong potential for HT BPL1® to positively affect parameters of metabolic health, including reducing abdominal visceral fat. Lipoteichoic acid (LTA) is found in BPL1® postbiotic and this powerful active ingredient has demonstrated great ability to reduce fat accumulation by activating the IGF-1 pathway, a crucial regulator of aging, immunity, and lipid metabolism.  Evidence-based formula of OXYZ META BOOST is fully loaded with 10 Billion of Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis ​CECT8145 - BPL1®, 2 Billion HT BPL1®, Vitamin Bs, Zinc, and Vitamin D3, to achieve best of metabolic health. 

Safe for Children & Pregnant Women

Safe for Children & Pregnant Women

Clinically Proven

Clinically Proven

All Natural

All Natural

No Side Effects

No Antibiotic Resistance

Tons of people suffer from stomach and digestive issues such as bloating, acid reflux, heartburn, abdominal pain, and indigestion which is directly related to our gastrointestinal health.

Many of them try a million things but there is a little we can do that will help us long term, but all of this is about to change now.


With Integrative Approach

Loaded with 20 billion CFU of Pylopass® , GUT+ Probiotic contains Denmark patented strain of Lactobacillus reuteri DSM17648, for improving Stomach and Digestive Health.

Back by many clinical studies, Pylopass® is a proven strain with safe and natural approach to reduce class 1 carcinogen bacteria - Helicobacter pylori and improve gastrointestinal symptoms such as heartburn, acid reflux, bloating, gastritis, indigestion, and abdominal pain etc.
Pylopass® is a culture of Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17648 obtained by inactivated cells technology.
Pylopass® was under vigorous research and selected from among 700 wild-type strains of Lactobacillus species for its ability to act as a Helicobacter pylori antagonist. It is clinically proven to reduce Helicobacter pylori load and inflammation at stomach lining through its unique mechanism of action of ‘lock and flush’.

Stomach Guard

With Gut+ Probiotic

GUT+ is not your typical probiotic. Why is it better than any other probiotics out there in the market today? Well, there are several.

GUT+ Probiotic has inactivated cells that can handle harsh stomach conditions and not affected by temperature or PH level. Its survival is highly independent in the stomach and specifically bind or ‘lock’ to Helicobacter pylori in the stomach and then exert or ‘flush’ them out without disturbing normal gut microbial balance. It works on reducing inflammation at stomach lining thus improving gastrointestinal symptoms.

GUT+ Probiotic is a single-strain probiotic that shows strong and positive supporting clinical evidence. It features rigorously validated single-strain probiotic which provide you the best result for maintaining a healthy gut.

The Science Behind Gut+ Probiotic

All Natural

All Natural

No Side Effects

No Sides Effects

Safe for Children Pregnant Women

Safe for Children & Pregnant Women

Vitamin C & Prebiotic

Contains Vitamin C & Prebiotic


No Antibiotic Resistance

Having hypersensitive skinRecurrence of bacterial infections, eczema, acne etc? Suffering from seasonal allergies? Have poor sinus and respiratory health? Immune BREATHE+ is the thing for you! Safe, clinically proven, and natural solution.

Immune BREATHE+ has shown a long list of benefits from balancing your immunity to reducing inflammation in your body, but most important of all is that it can help you with difficult skin issues, sinus and respiratory issues due to an over-reactive immune system. It is clinically proven for anti-microbial and anti-allergic effects to control hypersensitive and inflammatory skin condition and allergic recurrence such as Eczema and Chronic Sinusitis.

This is just not it.



Immune System is the Key for Balanced

The key for balanced Immune System

There are usually the symptoms of allergic disorder that caused by hypersensitivity of immune system to typically harmless substances in the environment. It is generally well tolerated (not life-threatening), but it is definitely a life disturbance and may lead to fatigue and depression in the long run.
Hypersensitivity or inflammatory of skin and allergic disorder is usually treated with controlled drugs (such as corticosteroids) and in fact these drugs only work temporarily to suppress these symptoms. At OXYZ Health, we always believe there is a better way. We get to the root of these health issues by promoting a well-balanced immune system.

Eczema Immune Breath+

Clinically Proven for Anti-Microbial and Anti-Allergic

Loaded with 20 billion CFU of Lactobacillus sakei ProBio65®️Immune BREATHE+ is a South-Korean patented strain derived from Kimchi to specifically deal with the issues of over-reactive immune system and allergic disorders. It is a clinically proven strain that has anti-microbial and anti-allergic effects and shows significant improvement in balancing immunity, nasal respiratory health, and skin and dermatology health via immune cell modulation.

Many clinical studies show its improvement in allergic reaction and its capability to suppress proliferation of harmful microorganisms. Studies specifically showed that Lactobacillus sakei ProBio65®️ effectively inhibits proliferation of harmful microorganism such as Staphylococcus aureus (S.aureus), Escherichia Coli (E.coli), and Corynebacterium tuberculostearicum (C.t.). S.aureus has been identified the main factor for aggravating atopic dermatitis disorder, while increase in abundance of C.t. presence in chronic sinusitis patients.
Immune BREATHE+ also fills with all-natural antioxidant Vitamin C, Prebiotics of dietary fiber to promote healthier gut microflora and to promote balanced immunity.

The Science Behind Immune Breathe+

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Customer Feedback

melanie yin
melanie yin
I'm super glad i stumbled upon this product Gut+Probiotic fr OXYZ Health. My excessive burping has improved tremendously n with d continued excellent follow up service provided I truly believe it will only get better.
Omar Aldhabyani
Omar Aldhabyani
I had a great experience this IMMUNE BREATH, a product for sinusitis and immunity imbalances. Thank you so much OXYZ
Thank you for the great service and consultation this company offered, and I strongly recommend this company products for multiple health issues
Ilango Gopal
Ilango Gopal
I have been recommended Gut + probiotic by my friend for my digestive issues.. I have to thank OXYZ health, this supplement worked like a magic. I can feel lot better and energetic.
Esther Tai
Esther Tai
Great experience with BREATHE+ for balancing immune system and their signature GUT+ for maintaining healthy stomach and digestive system.


1Are OXYZ's Supplements Safe for Children & Pregnant Women?

Yes, it is absolutely safe for children and pregnant women as OXYZ Health is categorized as dietary supplements, not drugs. But, if in the event of unwanted reactions, please do stop immediately and consult your medical practitioner.

OXYZ Health’s products have not been linked to any side effects. All our products are made with stringent clinical and manufacturing standards and are backed up with rigorous scientific research.

1How Long Do I Need to Consume OXYZ's Health Supplements?
OXYZ's health supplement can be consumed over the long term for health maintenance purpose. Results usually show after a full course of treatment of at least three to six months for better result. The results may also differ as everyone has uniquely different metabolism.
1What is the Return or Refund Policy?

Due to safety and hygiene purposes, we are not able to accept returns. However, should there be any unexpected defects, we have a 7-day exchange policy, which means you have 7 days after receiving your item to request an exchange.

To be eligible for an exchange, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unworn or unused, with tags, and in its original packaging. You’ll also need the receipt or proof of purchase.

Please read more at https://oxyzhealth.com/policies/refund-policy and you can always contact us for any return or refund question at inquiry@oxyzhealth.com. If there are any issues result in refunds, credit card transaction fees aren't returned when there is a refund.

1Does OXYZ Ship Internationally?
OXYZ Health ships to over 80 countries worldwide from its logistic hub located in Singapore and Malaysia. We strive to offer the lowest shipping rates while still maintaining a fast and reliable service. The official courier OXYZ uses is DHL and Fedex Express. Depending on the country, we may use different shipping options from multiple shipping carriers. Read here for more information on our international shipping.


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