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Global Health Business

Health Business
The global dietary supplements market size was valued at USD 151.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.9% from 2022 to 2030.
Increasing consumer awareness toward personal health and wellbeing is expected to be a key driving factor for dietary supplements over the forecast period. The working population around the globe is struggling to fulfill the dairy nutrient requirements owing to hectic work schedules and changing lifestyles. Increasing dependence on the health supplements to fulfill the nutrient requirement owing to their high convenience is expected to drive the market for upcoming years.
Research and development are the key success factor for dietary supplements which requires heavy investments. Also, stringent regulations regarding the health benefits claim and labeling of the products are expected to create challenges for the dietary supplements industry. The unprecedented outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has largely affected global markets and witnessed a surge in demand for dietary supplements.
At OXYZ Health, we exist to help people maintain optimal state of health. An empowered consumer is one of our goals at OXYZ Health. We comprised a team of medical professionals and health advisors providing latest health insights for our clients. More importantly, OXYZ Health’s dietary supplements are backed up by health claims with evidence accumulated in scientific literature and traditional history usage. We believe in principles of simplifying wellness, integrity, and a science-backed approach to health and well-being.
OXYZ Health takes pride in its high standards of business conduct and is welcoming business professionals who are passionate to health and wellness industry and dedicated to take part and spread health and vitality to more people globally.
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The following business know-hows will be supported along our
OXYZ’s business journey to expand health empire together.
International Medical Advisory

International Medical Advisory Board (IMAB)

The OXYZ’s IMAB comprises a group of internationally renowned medical professionals in the field of integrative, functional, and regenerative medicine. OXYZ’s IMAB is dedicated to sharing latest knowledge and collaborating with healthcare professionals and organizations worldwide who looking to grow and optimize practices that will enhance the delivery of care and elevate user experience.

Continuing Professional Education

Continuing Professional Education

At OXYZ Health, we highly value continuing professional development for every stakeholder. The ongoing education and training programs develop various skills (eg. industry-specific skills such as healthcare knowledge; transferable skills such as leadership and project management) relating to capability and competency. It involves progression from basic know-hows to more advanced, mature, and complex understanding of healthcare business as a whole.

Global Health & Wellness

Global Health & Wellness Brand Strategy

OXYZ Health strategizes its global marketing effort with inbound marketing strategy that focuses on professional health insights and unique personalized customer experience. We understand that people strive to maintain optimal health during their daily busy and hectic lifestyle, and OXYZ is dedicated to providing personalized solution for the purpose. OXYZ also provides value-added services in its wellness establishment to satisfy the needs of individual well-being with its strong medical advisory support from Integrative, Functional, and Regenerative Medicine field.

Care System

Value-Based CRM Care System

Customer is our top priority. Providing value added services is always our focal. At OXYZ Health, we integrate customer relationship management with digital care system to make sure every customer is well taken care of and always have great experience and satisfaction along their health journey with OXYZ.

Integrated Health

Integrated Health and Well-Being Solution

OXYZ believes that being healthy should be based on a person’s unique set of genetic, environmental, and life-style factors. Rather than ‘disease-centered’ and ‘symptoms’ focus, OXYZ addresses underlying causes of health issues and shifting focus to provide ‘user-centered’ solution.

Digital Health Solution

Digital Health Solution for Sustainability

Digital makes everything possible. Our purpose is ease of health for all. OXYZ integrates digital tools to enhance users engagement, improve health care delivery, streamline daily workflow, provide trust for reliability, and most importantly sustainability of care to OXYZ’s world-wide users.

The following business know-hows will be supported along our
OXYZ’s business journey to expand health empire together.
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