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About OXYZ

About OXYZ

“Our goal is not only adding years to life,
but more life to years”
One stop Integrative and Regenerative medicine located in the most eminent location in Bangsar Shopping Complex heart of Kuala Lumpur with a complete spectrum of Biological Medicine, we are best known as a home of Biological medicine in South East Asia. We have our branch in Johor Bahru as well.

Our concept recognizes that disease and serious heath complications reflect underling issues, and here we treat the root cause of the disease rather than symptoms.

The natural state of body is health; its regulatory system maintains that wellness despite the occasional threat and such systems are impaired by external factors like toxins, unbalanced nutrition, stress, genes, lifestyles and when this happens we develop conditions which is followed by symptoms and lastly disease.

With one goal in mind to empower people to live healthy and reverse ageing Oxyz health and wellness is founded. With medical team of more than 30 years’ experience in Biological medicine we are ready to welcome you to begin your journey towards endless possibilities.
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5 Pillars of our Biological

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Our Doctors

German Doctor
Doctor Vincent
Doctor Khudhur
Doctor Abdullah Asad
Doctor Daniel
Doctor Prakash
Doctor Veni
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Why Choose us

Medical Team
personalized treatments
Biological Medicine
Empower the culture of health
Completely safe
With global presence
Treat the root cause
medical doctor consultations

What is OXYZ

Optimal Health Is a Journey
Extending Healthspan
Youth Has No Age
Zest for Life
Health Care

We Formulate with Care

OXYZ’s products are exclusively formulated with care. From the journey of collecting active ingredients, during the stringent manufacturing process, and until final product extraction and production, OXYZ’s key focus always to make sure our products are highly bioavailable and potent that having the best active effect to users.

Health & Wellness

We are Here to Simplify Wellness

It is difficult to keep up with everyday scientific findings in this day and age. At OXYZ, we believe our clients should be given access to not only products that help them thrive, but also make them understand what and why they are consuming them. An empowered consumer is one of our goals at OXYZ. We comprise a team of health advisors and medical professionals who always at your disposal for your OXYZ’s health journey.

Health Care

We Believe in Science and Honesty

It is no magic. OXYZ’s products are backed up by health claims with evidence accumulated in scientific literature and traditional history. Not all supplements are created equal, and we always ensure OXYZ’s products are created with strong scientific evidences and there is high integrity from their origin until finalproduction.

Here for You

We are Here for YOU

At OXYZ, we exist to help people maintain optimal state of health. From the symptoms of health issues, genetic profile, lifestyle factors, and any physical or mentally state of health condition, we understand every individual is different. OXYZ commits to understand you as a WHOLE and to provide a complete and individualized health planning to achieve optimal health and wellness.

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